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Mechanical Engineering
This is an engineering discipline that involves the application of principles of physics, design, analysis, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. Students of Mechanical Engineering are taught courses on Principles of Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Thermal Engineering, Heat Transfer, Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing and so on. Mechanical Engineering provides a solid foundation for professional engineering practices with the support of intensive laboratory practices with the support of intensive laboratory practice and for further studies in Mechanical engineering.

To become a globally recognized Mechanical Engineering Department known for its excellence in education and research.

To create mutually beneficial relationships between the Institute, Industry and Alumni.


To instill the spirit of design, manufacturing, quality and research in the minds of the students.

To produce innovative, dedicated, and passionate Mechanical Engineers with social consciousness.

To solve real world problems of mankind and continue providing knowledge and tools required to facilitate the importance of Mechanical Engineering

To serve the society by producing Proactive, Innovative, Technology-driven and socially conscious Engineers.

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